Are you thinking of selling your Isle of Man property? It’s important to be proactive to ensure a seamless transaction.

If you have made any alterations to the property – such as replacing a roof or installed a wood burner, it may be necessary to obtain planning and building control approval, and, in some cases, the consent of third parties.

Often, these issues are only discovered well into the conveyancing process which can lead to delays and, sometimes, cause the transaction to fall through.

Before you market the property for sale, consult with an advocate who can review your property documentation concerning works done to the property, discuss any potential pitfalls and advise on remedial action if necessary to ensure a smooth transaction.

BridsonHalsall has a highly qualified Isle of Man conveyancing team who are ready to support you through the process. Contact Bernadette Arlow on 614422 or if you have any queries.


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