Our Isle of Man family law team, Claire Clampton and Amy Crellin, are well respected advocates with a personable approach to clients facing difficult circumstances. As well as dealing with divorces and domestic violence cases, they provide specialist advice in matters relating to child maintenance, contact and residence, care proceedings, adoption and surrogacy applications.

Care Proceedings
This is where Manx Care may apply to the Court for a Care Order or a Supervision Order for children. The Care Order will vest parental responsibility for the child or children to Manx Care and they will then make decisions for the child or children, including where the child is to live. Manx Care may also apply for an emergency protection order to secure immediate accommodation for the children if they feel that they are in immediate danger. Our family lawyers are experienced in representing both mothers and fathers in relation to such proceedings. It is quite often that Legal Aid is available for representation of these types of Court proceedings.

Our team are experienced in dealing with matters concerning adoption, both representing birth parents, contesting an adoption, but also for prospective adopters where they are in the process of adopting a child where a birth parent will not consent to the adoption. This could be because their circumstances have changed or whereby they are trying to have the children returned to their care. Claire is experienced in supporting the prospective adopters in such applications and supporting them through this very difficult process and time.

Surrogacy is increasingly looked at as an option for families where there are difficulties in relation to their fertility. The law can be complex in relation to this and without specialist advice, this may not be an option for many people. Our team are able to assist and represent those involved in a surrogacy, including the prospective parents in relation to obtaining a Parental Order for the child.

Before entering into any surrogacy agreement, regardless of whether it is with a friend or family or an abroad arrangement, it is always best to seek legal advice in order to be made aware of all the potential risks and understand the process that could be involved in order to properly legalise the surrogacy, and our family lawyers would be happy to have a confidential discussion with you about this.

Claire Clampton and Amy Crellin in our Isle of Man family law team have experience of dealing with Prohibited Steps Orders and Specific Questions Orders:-

Prohibited Steps Orders
Our family law team have experience of applying to Court for a Prohibited Steps Order. This may arise if you are concerned that the other parent may try to abduct your child or children and permanently remove him or her from the Isle of Man. In such instance, we would be able to apply for a Prohibited Steps Order which will state that your child or children cannot be taken from the Isle of Man without your consent or a Court Order. If you have a concern that your child or children may be unilaterally removed from the jurisdiction of the Isle of Man, it is essential that you act quickly as such applications are generally applied for on an emergency basis.

Specific Question Orders
This could involve the specific question of where should the child live, should this be in England or elsewhere in the world. Our team are extremely experienced in such applications for applications to remove the child from the jurisdiction in applying and also defending against such applications. A Specific Issue Order can also be made in relation to disputes regarding other circumstances, such as whether the child’s name should be changed, decisions regarding the child’s education and decisions regarding any medical treatment or surgery, whether they should have any certain religious views or even to prevent someone from having contact with the child. Our family team are able to help you with any such application and discuss the merits and options available to you in an approachable way.

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